AGREEMENT SUMMARY: Client agrees to purchase services from Rank One on a monthly basis for six (6) months. The monthly charge shall accrue from the time the client receives their consultation and last until the sixth month term is up. Rank One, cannot be held liable for any interruptions of the provided services, but will give a best effort to keep services functional at all times. If the client wishes to cancel before the six (6) month agreement is up a 30 day written cancelation notice is required. Client will be billed for the following month and the clients account will be canceled.

PAYMENT ON FILE: Client hereby certifies that the credit or debit card supplied for payment is their own account or that they are fully authorized to provide this account to Rank One, as payment for the service. Client understands and agrees that Rank One may retain this card as payment for future charges based on the service terms set forth in this agreement. If at any time the card becomes expired or cancelled, client shall provide a new card or account at Rank One’s request. Client will be notified if their credit or debit card fails to authorize for any reason, and that Rank One has the right to terminate their services should they fail to provide them with a new and valid credit card number within a reasonable time and no later than fourteen (14) days from the last payment collection date.

PAYMENT AFTER INITIAL TERM: Client understands and agrees that, should they elect to continue services longer than the initial invoice, they will accrue monthly service costs based on that invoice. Rank One reserves the right to charge these additional and subsequent months to the credit card on file or to bill monthly or quarterly by invoice. Rank One has the responsibility to notify Client of the end of the initial service period in a manner that is understood by Client. Rank One will also make a best effort to notify Client before making any charges to Client’s credit card on file if one exists. Rank One reserves the right to withhold charging the client for months that the independent medical provider is inoperable or inactive for whatever reason if services are not requested to be discontinued.

TERMINATION FOR NONPAYMENT: The client understands and agrees that any treatment they have purchased will be charged for the given four-week period. They also understand and agree that Rank One shall be in no way liable for any damages caused by the terminations of such services. Rank One reserves the right to terminate services at any time for any account in delinquency.

SERVICE TERM: The service will start on the date of initial consultation received by Client and will end when the service is disconnected per the guidelines in clause 6 “CLIENT TERMINATION.”