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Our bodies begin to change in our 30’s and 40’s. Most of us fail to notice or make any of the necessary changes needed to counteract the physiological ability our body has to compensate for a loss in hormone balance. This can lead to fatigue, loss of sex drive, weight gain, and even depression. The good news is this does not have to be you. We offer one of the most well respected and comprehensive treatment plans available for men and women. Our board certified physicians will develop a customized therapeutic plan based on your individual needs and goals to get you performing at your best.

Medical Grade Solution

Rank One Medical offers only medical grade products. Our products come from a licensed pharmacy compounded by a licensed pharmacist. You will never have to question the medications you are receiving.

Theraputic Dosing

Rank One Medical's priority is to optimize your health. We specialize in developing you a individualized treatment for your specific goals. One dose does not fit all. Let us optimize your health by signing up today.

Physician Prescribed

All of our consults, follow-ups, medication adjustments, treatments are conducted by our physicians and licensed medical providers at no additional fee. Our providers are ready to rejuvenate your health.


M.D. Clinicians

Work with Physicians who specialize in hormone replacement therapy in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Using Telemedicine, access to treatment has never been easier.

Access to Care

Enjoy complementary access to your personal concierge day or night. Get answers to your questions, directly from our medical personnel privately, and conveniently.


All of your patient information, data, and health records will be stored on our private and encypted server to ensure your information is safe.


Rank One Medical offers the ability to contact your provider anytime, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Using Telemedicine, access to treatment has never been easier.


We will never share your information with anyone other than your clinician. We maintain a high regard for patient privacy and will always work to protect it.

HIPAA Verified

Keeping your information and health records private is our top priority. We abide by strict government standards of privacy, rules, and regulations.

Men's Hormone Replacement Therapy

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*HRT All Inclusive - $165/month


Hypogonadism, the diagnostic term for low testosterone, is a decrease in the primary functions of the testes. Hypogonadism causes symptoms of decreased vigor, energy, libido, and muscle loss. Additionally, low testosterone is known to cause depressed mood, anxiety, mental fogginess, and difficulty concentrating. The symptoms, mentioned above, can become increasingly troublesome and reduce the overall quality of life.

Upon signing up you will be required to fill out a medical history form.

*Includes Labs and Medications, Consultations and Follow Ups, Medication Adjustments, and Free Shipping on All Medications


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Over 60% of men over the age of 30 have a testosterone deficiency. By choosing rank one medical you will be saving time and money while working with experienced Physicians who specialize in hormone replacement therapy.

All medications to include Testosterone, an AI (if needed) and HCG/Gonadorelin. Unlimited Physician visits, intitial and 6 month follow up labs, all supplies, and free shipping.

Each patient requires a full workup. That includes CBS, CMP, Free and Total Testosterone, Prolactin, and Lipid panel. This full workup is included in our HRT membership.

Yes, testosterone replacement therapy is very safe. It is actually extremely beneficial for many major organ systems to have a healthy testosterone level.

We require a full panel of blood work at week 12 then every six months thereafter.

We will typically get you scheduled for your initial consult within 72 hours of us receiving all lab results. Depending on the service will determine the amount of time it takes to receive the product directly to your front door.

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We understand you will have questions regarding your health and our available treatment options. One of our providers will be happy to discuss any questions you may have when creating your treatment plan.