Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy



Rank One Medical’s Hormone Replacement Therapy for men consists of all introductory labs, all appointments, HRT medications: (testosterone cypionate GSO, Testosterone Versa Based Cream, Anastrozole, Gonadorelin HCL Lyophilized (replaced HCG)), all supplies, and confidential shipping.

According to the FDA, HCG is classified as a Biologic, therefore HCG is not created by a pharmacy. Aside from HCG being well known for upholding Testosterone substitute programs, Gonadorelin shows measurable proof that it is now the best option for having a targeted effect on LH. Actually, HCG plays the role of a substitute because it is chemically similar to LH. The primary purpose of Gonadorelin is to specifically activate the pituitary gland to develop more LH. HCG and LH both have a common receptor, and each hormone initiates particular occurrences that follow receptor binding (Casarini et al., 2012, Gupta et al., 2012.) Clinical research recommends that mild, low doses of Gonadorelin generate optimal results in male patients who face the challenges of hypogonadism.

Hormone replacement therapy is commonly known as natural hormone replacement therapy as well. This method consists of using hormones that are identical to the ones produced naturally by our bodies. These hormones are sourced from plants, enabling it to be a chemical duplication to those our bodies make. Vitahealth uses these hormones as a resource to aid in hormonal imbalance symptoms. Mens’ hormone boosters along with Mens’ testosterone therapy promote overall management of your hormones by promoting or balancing the sex hormones in the body.

The series of actions of replenishing hormone levels and allowing glands to operate in alignment with hormones starts with an extensive analysis of your symptoms, while taking medical, family and personal history into consideration. Following that step, execute modern diagnostic hormone testing and evaluate your hormone levels. Our online mens’ hormone replacement therapy team takes the extra mile with you instead of running a quick numbers test to find out what hormone booster or testosterone therapy fits you. Our team of providers plans out an individualized online testosterone therapy or hormone replacement arrangement aimed for balancing out your hormones organically. We’re by your side every step of the way by providing you with continuous support and evaluations on improvement. Our HRT online clinic takes pride in making sure that you receive the optimal solution for online mens’ hormone replacement therapy.


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