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The Rundown on Male Testosterone

When you hear the word testosterone, what comes to mind? Many folks think of a large, muscle-bound man who is too aggressive and macho. Of course, that stereotype is untrue. Testosterone plays a role in a man's motivation and vigor, but it does much more than that. The truth is that testosterone is crucial for the male body because it affects development from puberty through old age.

As your primary androgen, testosterone helps develop the characteristics that make you the man you are. Controlled by your pituitary gland and your hypothalamus, testosterone helps maintain and develop:

  • Sperm
  • Facial Hair
  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Hair
  • Libido
  • Sexual Function
  • Bone Density
  • Red Blood Cell Levels

Unfortunately, when your body suffers from low testosterone (also called hypogonadism), you'll start to notice concerning symptoms that affect every aspect of your life.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

This is a question we get all the time at Rank One Medical. Though the true answer is nuanced, the bottom line is that aging is most often the reason for low T. Every man who ages will most likely have lower testosterone than younger men. Other causes of low testosterone include prescribed medications, drug abuse, injuries, and obesity.

When you lose large amounts of testosterone, it alters your testosterone and estrogen. Low T levels usually result in more abdominal fat, which in turn causes estrogen synthetase levels to jump. This creates even higher levels of estrogen in your body. With more estrogen and less testosterone, several concerning issues manifest.

Some of the most common symptoms associated with low testosterone include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction or ED
  • Low Libido
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Development of Breasts
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Depleted Muscle Mass
  • Fatigue

If you're a man struggling with just one of the symptoms above, it could be because you have low testosterone. However, the only way to be certain is to have your testosterone levels tested. If your testosterone levels are low for a man of your age, TRT in Clinton, OK, may be the next logical step.

 TRT Clinton, OK

How the Symptoms of Low Testosterone Affect Your Life

Have you noticed that you don't feel like "you" when you're working or relaxing at home? Do you always feel lethargic or unmotivated, even on your days off? Do you find it challenging to maintain an erection? Many men mistake these symptoms for being overworked or over-busy. Truthfully, though, there's a good chance these are symptoms of low testosterone. Since no two males have the same symptoms of low testosterone, it's prudent to understand and recognize some of the most common signs.

Low Libido

When you have low T, it's not unusual for sex to be unappealing. Crazy, right? If you're one of the thousands of men in the United States suffering from a low sex drive, it might not be you. It could be low testosterone. Don't settle for a mediocre libido - reclaim your sex life with Rank One Medical.

Erectile Dysfunction

Also called ED, these are two words that every man hopes to avoid. When you're unable to perform in the bedroom, it's not just embarrassing - it can also affect your long-term relationships and even your mental health. ED is a challenging topic to talk about. But it doesn't have to be. TRT in Clinton, OK can help re-light that special spark you've been missing for so long.


Your brain has many testosterone receptors. However, when you're suffering from low testosterone, it can affect your mood. With time, those feelings can lead to serious psychological issues like depression. However, studies show that TRT can help rebalance your hormones, which can lead to improved mood and a life without depression.


When you work hard all day, most men want to come home, eat some dinner, and try to go to sleep. Unfortunately, men with low testosterone tend to toss and turn, even when they're exhausted. Whether you have undiagnosed insomnia or a different sleep disorder, low T could be the culprit.

Decreased Muscle Mass

When testosterone levels lower as we get older, men have a harder time lifting heavy items. That's true even if you're hitting the gym and lifting weights to maintain your muscles. If you're making a concerted effort to keep your muscle mass and strength but aren't making gains, it could be due to low testosterone.

Concentration Issues

Do you find it extra challenging to finish normal tasks at work? Do you believe your memory is getting worse? Does your spouse or partner yell about not paying attention to them? Trust us; we've been there. The effects of low testosterone don't just affect your body - they can also affect your mind and memory. When TRT brings your testosterone levels back within normal range, brain fog and other concentration issues will often go away.

Understanding the Risks of Life with Low Testosterone

At Rank One Medical, we understand what men go through every day when living with low testosterone. They suffer from low libido, lack of motivation, and often feel abnormal and out of place. But as bad as those are, living with low testosterone can have more severe health risks that put your vital organs at risk.

Some of the health risks you should be concerned with include the following:

 Weight Loss Therapy Clinton, OK


When you're diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, you may be wondering why. Sometimes, the culprit is having low T. Statistically, men with low testosterone have a higher chance of getting diabetes as they age. In the same vein of thought, men with diabetes are also much more likely to have low T. This fact establishes a relationship between testosterone and diabetes. This relationship is furthered by the fact that men with low testosterone have more challenges resisting insulin. Though TRT in Clinton, OK won't cure your diabetes, research shows that men with healthy testosterone levels also have healthier blood sugar levels and are usually not as obese.

 Peptide Therapy Clinton, OK

Heart Health

Have you been told by your primary care doctor that you have high blood pressure? Do you have an idea what may be causing your high blood pressure? Is it aging? Is it hereditary? Is it something else?

According to research, men with low testosterone have higher chances of suffering from cardiovascular illnesses. Because, when your testosterone levels are low, red blood cell reproduction slows. That, in turn, causes plaque buildup in your arteries. With time, plaque buildup can cause life-threatening issues like heart attacks or strokes.

 TRT For Men Clinton, OK


If you look in the mirror in the morning and are disgusted with how fat you've gotten, you're not alone. Many aging men have problems with obesity. If you eat well and exercise like you should but still can't shed embarrassing body fat, low T could be the cause.

Research shows a link between obesity and low T, with testosterone playing an essential role in food metabolism. It's also involved with insulin, glucose, and fat regulation. Thankfully, when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, men who use TRT often lose weight and benefit from better blood glucose and low-density cholesterol levels.

 Weight Loss Clinton, OK


When a man has anemia, his body lacks much-needed blood cells, meaning organs have less oxygen to properly function. Normal testosterone levels have been linked to healthy red blood cell counts, so it makes sense that men with low T are at risk of anemia. In fact, a study conducted in 2009 found that aging men with low testosterone were five times more likely to have anemia versus men with healthy testosterone. TRT isn't a cure for anemia, but with healthier levels of testosterone, your body will produce more red blood cells, which can prevent anemia.

Reclaim the Life You Love with TRT in Clinton, OK

Up to this point, we've explained some of the revolutionary benefits of TRT but haven't dug into how it works. TRT does exactly what its name implies: it's a therapy backed by science that replaces low T levels in men.

Also called androgen replacement therapy, TRT is a form of hormone replacement therapy for men that helps them deal with and triumph over the debilitating side effects associated with low testosterone. Originally created by scientists in the 1930s, TRT has grown from a little-known treatment to a life-changing solution for millions of men worldwide.

 Medical Wellness Clinic Clinton, OK
 HRT For Women Clinton, OK

How Does TRT Work?

Without boring you with facts and scientific speak, TRT gives your body the testosterone it needs to function properly. Without healthy T levels, your body isn't able to maintain the natural processes it needs for your well-being. As a matter of fact, men with low T are more likely to develop serious health problems like heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Until their testosterone levels are restored, most men suffer from the symptoms of low testosterone without hormone replacement therapy like TRT.

With TRT from Rank One Medical, your hormones are rebalanced so your body can finally begin to heal, relieving and even eliminating many of the most common signs of low testosterone.

The 10-Step Process of TRT Treatment from Rank One Medical

Unlike some TRT clinics, Rank One Medical takes a comprehensive, careful approach to testosterone replacement therapy. To ensure our patients get the best results in the most efficient time frames, we have developed a 10-step physician-prescribed plan for TRT in Clinton, OK.


You Complete Our Initial On-Boarding Form


You Complete Paperwork Regarding Your Medical History & Physical


You Receive a Lab Requisite Form to Print


You Find the Nearest Quest Lab Center for Your Initial Lab Work


Quest Lab Sends Rank One Medical Your Lab Results for Review


A Physician from Rank One Medical Will Develop and Prescribe a TRT Regimen Tailored to Your Body


Our Physicians Order TRT from a 501 Compounding Pharmacy


The Pharmacy Preps and Ships Your TRT Order to Your Doorstep Within 10 Business Days


Quest Labs Re-Draws Your Labs After 9 Weeks to Review Your Progress


Quest Labs Re-Draws Your Labs Every 4-6 Months for Ongoing Treatment

In addition to our easy 10-step process for TRT, every Rank One Medical patient benefits from our affordable prices and personalized service. After all, every man has a different body, and as such, will need different TRT. Our valued patients also benefit from the following:

  • 24/7 Concierge
  • M.D. Clinicians
  • Free Shipping
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Most Affordable
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Fine Print
  • More

A More Youthful You Awaits at Rank One Medical

Did you know that 13 million men have low T and that 90% of them go untreated by doctors? Living with the harmful side effects of low testosterone is no way to live. If you believe your testosterone levels are unhealthy, it's time to contact Rank One Medical. Living with low testosterone is definitely risky. But with help from our male HRT clinic, you can reclaim your youth and health with TRT in Clinton, OK.

Unlike other TRT clinics, our highly-trained team uses a functional approach to male health, which lets us solve the causes of your symptom instead of putting a proverbial band-aid on them. Ready to get started? We're ready to help you every step of the way. Contact Rank One Medical and make a difference in your life today.

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Latest News in Clinton, OK

‘Work to be done’: Clinton Regional Hospital on track to reopen this year after being shut down for months

Kaylee Olivas/KFORhttps://kfor.com/news/local/clinton-regional-hospital-on-track-to-reopen-this-year-after-being-shut-down-for-months/

CLINTON, Okla. (KFOR) – The Clinton Regional Hospital has sat empty for eight months, but now after being issued a new license to operate, a reopening date is on the horizon.The City of Clinton City Manager, Robert Johnston previously told KFOR the hospital’s facility manager, Alliance Health, backed out in 2022 which left the city sc...

CLINTON, Okla. (KFOR) – The Clinton Regional Hospital has sat empty for eight months, but now after being issued a new license to operate, a reopening date is on the horizon.

The City of Clinton City Manager, Robert Johnston previously told KFOR the hospital’s facility manager, Alliance Health, backed out in 2022 which left the city scrambling on their next move.

“We could not come to an understanding, a mutually beneficial understanding,” added Johnston. “The [State Department of Health] license which had originally belonged to the city had been transferred to other operators. [It] was not transferred back to the city to operate the hospital as we had planned for.”

The hospital was forced to shut down December 31, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

The two closest medical facilities are Weatherford Regional Hospital and Cordell Memorial Hospital. From city lines, both hospitals are between 15-20 minutes.

Then, there was some light at the end of the tunnel when Clinton voters passed a proposition detailing $11.6M to go towards the reopening of Clinton Regional in March.

The first step in reopening the hospital was opening an urgent care facility on the south side of the hospital.

The City of Clinton still didn’t have a State Department of Health license, but Johnston said having the architect out there would allow them to submit drawings, have the State Department of Health review that and go from there.

Carrus Health oversees the urgent care facility and initially signed on as the new facility manager. However, Carrus Health then fell through.

“The aspects of that contract have fundamentally changed with, you know, the loss of licensure, which you know, initially [we] did not realize was going to take place. And then the need to, you know, bring up that building to today’s current operating standards in the post-COVID environment. Obviously, it’s extremely expensive,” explained Carrus Health President and COO, Jon Rains.

Before Carrus Health decided to no longer act as the facility manager and solely focus on the urgent care center, 79 Clinton Regional Hospital full-time employees were laid off.

“I just wanted to be very transparent about, you know, what the situation was looking like, because that’s a commitment that I had with the employees there in Clinton,” said Rains.

Johnston previously said over the course of three months, those employees were paid over $500,000 every month bringing the total to $1.5M+ spent on employee pay/benefits.

A portion of those benefits were pulled from the hospital’s $11.6M budget, said Johnston.

“Once the money was freed up in the March 7th election, we’ve been using some of that as an investment to keep the team together,” added Johnston. “It just wasn’t financially feasible to continue to pay for the pay and benefits of employees during this interim time.”

Those employees’ pay/benefits ended on April 30.

A possible reopening date as of April 24 wasn’t until another 18 months, according to Johnston.

Johnston told KFOR on Tuesday the last eight months had been filled with ups and downs, but luckily, the hospital has now hit a huge milestone.

As of August 1, the City of Clinton now has a license to operate the hospital.

“I think I speak for the locals that it was always a question of when instead of if we got this hospital reopened. Once we got the license, that provided the information we needed to proceed with the next steps to get this facility open and serving the public as soon as possible,” explained Johnston.

He said it’s been a difficult process trying to obtain a license and at times it was discouraging.

“Definitely times you wonder, well, what exactly is going to happen?,” asked Johnston.

The license issued by the State Department of Health is for a 22 bed facility, rather than the previous 56 beds.

News 4 toured the hospital with Johnston and the hospital’s interim CEO, Reva Burton Tuesday morning.

The hospital was being cleaned, walls were being painted, and upgrades were already in progress.

Johnston said the hospital has recently received new beds and radiology equipment. He added there is more equipment the city is in the process of purchasing right now. The air conditioning system has also been improved.

The hospital maintained a “skeleton crew” and currently has 10-12 employees, according to Johnston. The city is looking to reopen with 50-60 employees.

Johnston told KFOR the city hasn’t locked in a reopening date yet, but he’s hopeful the hospital will open its doors this fall. If not in the fall, the goal is no later than the end of this year.

“It’s a very good feeling and it is definitely a roller coaster-like experience in that deep, deep, deep depths. Sufficiently deep for me. [I] definitely feel like we’re on the upswing now. Once we got the license, does it mean there won’t be challenges, you know, delivery issues or something that we just can’t foresee,” stated Johnston.

He said getting the license was one of the harder steps to accomplish. Now that’s done, he’s excited to get the ball rolling.

Aside from paperwork, the next step in this process is for the hospital to be surveyed by an accreditation organization to institute the agreements between the hospital and Medicare.

Burton said Northeastern Oklahoma Management Services Organization (NOMSO) was engaged by Clinton Regional to evaluate the conditions of participation by the centers of Medicare and Medicaid.

“NOMSO works with dozens of Oklahoma hospitals to ensure environmental care and life safety standards meet with the requirements and compliance of [Medicare and Medicaid] and other regulators. We quickly realized that Clinton Regional Hospital was substantially compliant and with the right adjustments could be reestablished quickly as a functioning regional hospital,” stated Burton. “Although the regulations are challenging and comprehensive, they were not overwhelming for NOMSO.”

Burton called the hospital’s closure unfortunate. She said she’s thankful for the support of numerous groups including the Northeastern Health System Tahlequah and the Christiansen law firm.

Fact check: Post falsely links Hillary Clinton and Whitewater scandal with Oklahoma City bombing

Sudiksha Kochihttps://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2023/04/21/fact-check-no-link-between-whitewater-scandal-and-oklahoma-bombing-hillary-clinton/11700046002/

The claim: Oklahoma City bombing stopped Hillary Clinton indictment in Whitewater scandalA March 31 Instagram post (direct link, archived link) shows an image of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."Hillary Clinton was to be indicted over the Whitewater scandal four da...

The claim: Oklahoma City bombing stopped Hillary Clinton indictment in Whitewater scandal

A March 31 Instagram post (direct link, archived link) shows an image of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton was to be indicted over the Whitewater scandal four days before documents related to the case were destroyed in the Oklahoma City bombing," reads the post's text.

The post generated over 100 likes in less than two weeks. An April 3 tweet with the same claim generated over 4,000 likes.

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Our rating: False

Clinton was not set to be indicted in the Whitewater scandal, nor were any documents related to the case destroyed in the Oklahoma City bombing, according to experts, FBI records and news reports.

Clinton was not set to be indicted

The post provides no evidence of this claim, and experts say this long-running conspiracy theory it has no basis in reality.

There is no connection between the Whitewater probe and the Oklahoma City bombing, according to Anne Mattina, a political communication professor at Stonehill College in Massachusetts. Clinton was also never set to be indicted in the Whitewater case, Mattina said.

D.R. Kiewiet, a political science professor at Caltech, said he's not aware of any Whitewater documents being in Oklahoma City, given the investigation was based in another state.

"The Whitewater matter was investigated and adjudicated in Arkansas where the Clintons were living when Bill was governor and where the real estate venture was located ... not in Oklahoma," Kiewiet said.

The Whitewater scandal began in 1978 when Hillary Clinton and then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton borrowed $203,000 with their friends Susan and James McDougal to purchase land in the Ozark Mountains, according to the Washington Post. The group formed the Whitewater Development Corp., intending to build vacation homes.

In 1982, James McDougal purchased a savings and loan association in Arkansas that later collapsed from bad loans, the Washington Post reported. After James McDougal was indicted on federal fraud charges, Justice Department officials investigated the causes of the company's failure, including the Clintons’ involvement in the Whitewater deal.

Fact check:Hillary Clinton has not been indicted, despite viral post to the contrary

But there were no public records of plans to indict Hillary Clinton, Mattina said.

Kenneth Starr, an independent counsel examining Whitewater, subpoenaed Hillary Clinton in 1996 regarding the discovery of Whitewater billing records that were missing for 18 months and found in the Clinton residence, as TIME magazine reported. But that occurred after the bombing, and he ultimately brought no charges against her.

Claims of an Oklahoma City connection have circulated for decades, as the Washington Post reported in 1995 that the government refuted speculation that documents related to Whitewater were destroyed in the bombing.

The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was an act of domestic terrorism carried out by former U.S. soldier Timothy McVeigh, who drove a truck filled with explosives to the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City and left it to explode, Mattina said.

The FBI, which amassed more than 3 tons of evidence and followed more than 40,000 investigative leads into the bombing, found that McVeigh had extremist ideologies and that his friend helped build the bomb plot, according to its website. There is no reputable evidence or reporting connecting Hillary Clinton to the case.

In addition, no FBI records from the investigation mention that documents from the Whitewater case were destroyed. The Oklahoma Department of Civil Emergency Management does not list the Department of Justice among the federal agencies that used the Murrah building in a state report, either.

USA TODAY reached out to the social media users who shared the claim for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

Factcheck.org and AFP Fact Check also debunked the claim.

Our fact-check sources:

Thank you for supporting our journalism. You can subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or electronic newspaper replica here.

Our fact-check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook.

Clinton hospital fights to reopen, keep employees amid licensing struggles

Jason Burgerhttps://www.koco.com/article/oklahoma-clinton-hospital-reopen-employees-licensing/43606099

CLINTON, Okla. —The city of Clinton is still without a hospital, even though voters cleared the way to fund it in March.“The citizens had voted almost 100% to release the hospital money about a month ago to the city council," said Clinton Mayor David Berrong.The city voted to free up more than $11 million to reopen the Clinton Regional Hospital, which closed at the end of 2022. But the city said other problems have yet to be solved."Our attempt to have our old license —...

CLINTON, Okla. —

The city of Clinton is still without a hospital, even though voters cleared the way to fund it in March.

“The citizens had voted almost 100% to release the hospital money about a month ago to the city council," said Clinton Mayor David Berrong.

The city voted to free up more than $11 million to reopen the Clinton Regional Hospital, which closed at the end of 2022. But the city said other problems have yet to be solved.

"Our attempt to have our old license — we’re a 100-year-old hospital — transferred to us was unsuccessful in the departure of the CMS Alliance," Berrong said.

The city now has to apply for a new hospital license in order to reopen and operate, but upgrades are needed for the state to sign off.

The only thing remaining in the decades-old facility is a small urgent care, while the rest of the building is dormant.

"We’ve been blessed with money that we’ve saved through the years, earmarked for the hospital should something like this happen," Berrong said.


Gov. Kevin Stitt says he's 'backing the blue' in fight over tribal tags

The savings account is the only thing still retaining about 90 full-time hospital employees even though they aren't at the hospital. The mayor said he worries this money could run out, and they would have to let those people go.

"The issue, from a practical standpoint, is on the table, and that’s why we need some immediate input to reopen at least a portion of the emergency room and some beds," Berrong said.

A company called Alliance Health operated the hospital until the end of 2022. Instead of transferring the necessary licenses to the city of Clinton, the company canceled the permits.

Now the city has to go through the application process again and spend millions on hospital upgrades.

“It becomes a matter of practicality being able to pay a full workforce," Berrong said. "It’s very expensive."

The mayor said there is no timeline on how long they will keep paying those hospital employees, but they are asking for the state to step in to open the hospital.

Top Headlines

Oklahoma boy catches exotic fish in neighborhood pond with ‘human-like teeth’

Sydney Borchershttps://nypost.com/2023/08/03/oklahoma-boy-catches-exotic-fish-in-neighborhood-pond-with-human-like-teeth/

An 11-year-old Oklahoma native has reeled in an exotic catch — one that is most certainly not native to Oklahoma.Charlie Clinton of Edmond, Oklahoma, caught an exotic, invasive fish known as the Pacu, a freshwater fish related to the carnivorous piranha.It’s a South American fish, native to the Amazon.The boy reeled in the fish on July 16, according to the Facebook page of J...

An 11-year-old Oklahoma native has reeled in an exotic catch — one that is most certainly not native to Oklahoma.

Charlie Clinton of Edmond, Oklahoma, caught an exotic, invasive fish known as the Pacu, a freshwater fish related to the carnivorous piranha.

It’s a South American fish, native to the Amazon.

The boy reeled in the fish on July 16, according to the Facebook page of Janna Clinton, the 11-year-old’s mother.

Charlie Clinton caught the exotic fish in a pond behind the family’s house, one of the primary places he goes fishing when in Oklahoma, he told Fox News Digital.

The Oklahoman said he was in shock when he first saw what he caught.

“I first thought it was a giant sunfish but then realized it had teeth,” Charlie Clinton shared.

“I started screaming for my mom to come look at the fish.”

The boy was still unsure of what he’d caught, since he had never seen anything like this type of fish before.

All he knew was that “it didn’t belong in the pond.”

The strong-jawed Pacu “put up a pretty good fight,” the 11-year-old noted, before he released the fish back into the neighborhood pond.

He caught the invasive fish in a “catch and release pond,” but did not know what the species was at the time or that it should have been kept and removed from its location.

No one has caught the South American fish since Charlie Clinton first reeled it in, as far as the family knows, but he hopes he is the one to nab it once again.

When Charlie Clinton pulled the fish out the pond, he thought his discovery was “pretty crazy and nobody would believe [him],” he said.

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Janna Clinton was on the porch watching her son fish at the neighborhood pond as he reeled in his unusual discovery.

“I was excited for him … I took pictures for him and was just in absolute shock,” Janna Clinton told Fox News Digital.

“I have never seen a fish like that in my life, so it was pretty alarming to see something with human like teeth.”

Charlie Clinton has been frequenting the pond in his backyard since his family moved to Edmond and has been fishing since he was three years old, his mother said.

This catch was exciting for the 11-year-old, but it is believed the fish illegally made its way into the water — although this is not the first time the exotic fish has been found in a rural Oklahoma pond.

“We do get a report every few years,” Kelly Adams, the communication and education supervisor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, told Fox News Digital.

“We think people acquire these fish for their aquarium and release them once they get too big, which is illegal.”

The non-native fish in the wild can pose a threat to species native to the area by competing for both the habitat and nearby resources, Adams continued.

What do you think? Post a comment.

The Pacu can grow up to three feet in length and weigh as much as 65 pounds, but is not a threat to humans, unlike the closely related piranha, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo.

If you find yourself needing to rehome a pet or an exotic creature, contact a local shelter or your state wildlife department to learn how best to relocate the animal, reptile or fish.

Bluepeak To Bring A Faster, More Reliable Internet To Clinton, OK


CLINTON, Okla., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluepeak, an innovative internet provider, announced today that it is expanding to Clinton, Oklahoma, and will break ground next summer on a high-speed, fiber-to-the-home network to meet the growing needs of the community, today and in the future. The approximate $4.0 million expansion effort will bring Bluepeak service to more than 3,800 residen...

CLINTON, Okla., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluepeak, an innovative internet provider, announced today that it is expanding to Clinton, Oklahoma, and will break ground next summer on a high-speed, fiber-to-the-home network to meet the growing needs of the community, today and in the future. The approximate $4.0 million expansion effort will bring Bluepeak service to more than 3,800 residences and businesses in Clinton.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with the City of Clinton to bring our fiber-to-the-home network and best-in-class service to their community," said Rich Fish, CEO of Bluepeak. "Bluepeak is a different kind of provider with faster, more reliable speeds that will better connect homes, businesses and organizations across Clinton."

With Bluepeak's advanced fiber connection, residential customers can get up to 5 gigabits of speed and businesses can get up to 10 gigabits of speed. The next-gen broadband network will provide faster speeds, better connectivity, and the bandwidth to connect more devices for internet, streaming, gaming and more.

"Enhancing Clinton's quality of life is always our top priority! Our new partnership with Bluepeak is the latest example of that. Attracting new businesses, new residents as well as taking care of all of Clinton is the cornerstone of the optimism with which we have invited Bluepeak to Clinton," said David Berrong, Mayor of Clinton. "High-speed reliable internet will enhance educational opportunities in today's challenging environment and by providing access to the internet to all households and businesses, Clinton is meeting the needs of all demographics. The Bluepeak partnership is another example of Clinton's commitment to providing all its citizens the opportunity to flourish in this age of technology thus enhancing our quality of living."

For more information and to receive the latest updates, visit www.mybluepeak.com.

About BluepeakBluepeak is building a faster, more reliable internet without the things that get in the way of great service—like red tape, hidden fees, and slow response times. Offering up to 5 gigabits of speed for residential customers and 10 gigabits for businesses, Bluepeak is a whole new ballgame — from internet to TV, to connecting every device in a home, to powering a business, Bluepeak not only provides the best fiber connections in the communities it serves, but also meets the growing needs for how its customers live.

Bluepeak (Clarity Telecom LLC) is known as Vast Broadband today in South Dakota and portions of western Minnesota until those markets rebrand as Bluepeak in the summer of 2022. Visit www.meetbluepeak.com to learn more.

Contact: Brad Krebs 314.973.8090 [email protected]

SOURCE Bluepeak

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