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The Rundown on Male Testosterone

When you hear the word testosterone, what comes to mind? Many folks think of a large, muscle-bound man who is too aggressive and macho. Of course, that stereotype is untrue. Testosterone plays a role in a man's motivation and vigor, but it does much more than that. The truth is that testosterone is crucial for the male body because it affects development from puberty through old age.

As your primary androgen, testosterone helps develop the characteristics that make you the man you are. Controlled by your pituitary gland and your hypothalamus, testosterone helps maintain and develop:

  • Sperm
  • Facial Hair
  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Hair
  • Libido
  • Sexual Function
  • Bone Density
  • Red Blood Cell Levels

Unfortunately, when your body suffers from low testosterone (also called hypogonadism), you'll start to notice concerning symptoms that affect every aspect of your life.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

This is a question we get all the time at Rank One Medical. Though the true answer is nuanced, the bottom line is that aging is most often the reason for low T. Every man who ages will most likely have lower testosterone than younger men. Other causes of low testosterone include prescribed medications, drug abuse, injuries, and obesity.

When you lose large amounts of testosterone, it alters your testosterone and estrogen. Low T levels usually result in more abdominal fat, which in turn causes estrogen synthetase levels to jump. This creates even higher levels of estrogen in your body. With more estrogen and less testosterone, several concerning issues manifest.

Some of the most common symptoms associated with low testosterone include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction or ED
  • Low Libido
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Development of Breasts
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Depleted Muscle Mass
  • Fatigue

If you're a man struggling with just one of the symptoms above, it could be because you have low testosterone. However, the only way to be certain is to have your testosterone levels tested. If your testosterone levels are low for a man of your age, TRT in Sallisaw, OK, may be the next logical step.

 TRT Sallisaw, OK

How the Symptoms of Low Testosterone Affect Your Life

Have you noticed that you don't feel like "you" when you're working or relaxing at home? Do you always feel lethargic or unmotivated, even on your days off? Do you find it challenging to maintain an erection? Many men mistake these symptoms for being overworked or over-busy. Truthfully, though, there's a good chance these are symptoms of low testosterone. Since no two males have the same symptoms of low testosterone, it's prudent to understand and recognize some of the most common signs.

Low Libido

When you have low T, it's not unusual for sex to be unappealing. Crazy, right? If you're one of the thousands of men in the United States suffering from a low sex drive, it might not be you. It could be low testosterone. Don't settle for a mediocre libido - reclaim your sex life with Rank One Medical.

Erectile Dysfunction

Also called ED, these are two words that every man hopes to avoid. When you're unable to perform in the bedroom, it's not just embarrassing - it can also affect your long-term relationships and even your mental health. ED is a challenging topic to talk about. But it doesn't have to be. TRT in Sallisaw, OK can help re-light that special spark you've been missing for so long.


Your brain has many testosterone receptors. However, when you're suffering from low testosterone, it can affect your mood. With time, those feelings can lead to serious psychological issues like depression. However, studies show that TRT can help rebalance your hormones, which can lead to improved mood and a life without depression.


When you work hard all day, most men want to come home, eat some dinner, and try to go to sleep. Unfortunately, men with low testosterone tend to toss and turn, even when they're exhausted. Whether you have undiagnosed insomnia or a different sleep disorder, low T could be the culprit.

Decreased Muscle Mass

When testosterone levels lower as we get older, men have a harder time lifting heavy items. That's true even if you're hitting the gym and lifting weights to maintain your muscles. If you're making a concerted effort to keep your muscle mass and strength but aren't making gains, it could be due to low testosterone.

Concentration Issues

Do you find it extra challenging to finish normal tasks at work? Do you believe your memory is getting worse? Does your spouse or partner yell about not paying attention to them? Trust us; we've been there. The effects of low testosterone don't just affect your body - they can also affect your mind and memory. When TRT brings your testosterone levels back within normal range, brain fog and other concentration issues will often go away.

Understanding the Risks of Life with Low Testosterone

At Rank One Medical, we understand what men go through every day when living with low testosterone. They suffer from low libido, lack of motivation, and often feel abnormal and out of place. But as bad as those are, living with low testosterone can have more severe health risks that put your vital organs at risk.

Some of the health risks you should be concerned with include the following:

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When you're diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, you may be wondering why. Sometimes, the culprit is having low T. Statistically, men with low testosterone have a higher chance of getting diabetes as they age. In the same vein of thought, men with diabetes are also much more likely to have low T. This fact establishes a relationship between testosterone and diabetes. This relationship is furthered by the fact that men with low testosterone have more challenges resisting insulin. Though TRT in Sallisaw, OK won't cure your diabetes, research shows that men with healthy testosterone levels also have healthier blood sugar levels and are usually not as obese.

 Peptide Therapy Sallisaw, OK

Heart Health

Have you been told by your primary care doctor that you have high blood pressure? Do you have an idea what may be causing your high blood pressure? Is it aging? Is it hereditary? Is it something else?

According to research, men with low testosterone have higher chances of suffering from cardiovascular illnesses. Because, when your testosterone levels are low, red blood cell reproduction slows. That, in turn, causes plaque buildup in your arteries. With time, plaque buildup can cause life-threatening issues like heart attacks or strokes.

 TRT For Men Sallisaw, OK


If you look in the mirror in the morning and are disgusted with how fat you've gotten, you're not alone. Many aging men have problems with obesity. If you eat well and exercise like you should but still can't shed embarrassing body fat, low T could be the cause.

Research shows a link between obesity and low T, with testosterone playing an essential role in food metabolism. It's also involved with insulin, glucose, and fat regulation. Thankfully, when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, men who use TRT often lose weight and benefit from better blood glucose and low-density cholesterol levels.

 Weight Loss Sallisaw, OK


When a man has anemia, his body lacks much-needed blood cells, meaning organs have less oxygen to properly function. Normal testosterone levels have been linked to healthy red blood cell counts, so it makes sense that men with low T are at risk of anemia. In fact, a study conducted in 2009 found that aging men with low testosterone were five times more likely to have anemia versus men with healthy testosterone. TRT isn't a cure for anemia, but with healthier levels of testosterone, your body will produce more red blood cells, which can prevent anemia.

Reclaim the Life You Love with TRT in Sallisaw, OK

Up to this point, we've explained some of the revolutionary benefits of TRT but haven't dug into how it works. TRT does exactly what its name implies: it's a therapy backed by science that replaces low T levels in men.

Also called androgen replacement therapy, TRT is a form of hormone replacement therapy for men that helps them deal with and triumph over the debilitating side effects associated with low testosterone. Originally created by scientists in the 1930s, TRT has grown from a little-known treatment to a life-changing solution for millions of men worldwide.

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How Does TRT Work?

Without boring you with facts and scientific speak, TRT gives your body the testosterone it needs to function properly. Without healthy T levels, your body isn't able to maintain the natural processes it needs for your well-being. As a matter of fact, men with low T are more likely to develop serious health problems like heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Until their testosterone levels are restored, most men suffer from the symptoms of low testosterone without hormone replacement therapy like TRT.

With TRT from Rank One Medical, your hormones are rebalanced so your body can finally begin to heal, relieving and even eliminating many of the most common signs of low testosterone.

The 10-Step Process of TRT Treatment from Rank One Medical

Unlike some TRT clinics, Rank One Medical takes a comprehensive, careful approach to testosterone replacement therapy. To ensure our patients get the best results in the most efficient time frames, we have developed a 10-step physician-prescribed plan for TRT in Sallisaw, OK.


You Complete Our Initial On-Boarding Form


You Complete Paperwork Regarding Your Medical History & Physical


You Receive a Lab Requisite Form to Print


You Find the Nearest Quest Lab Center for Your Initial Lab Work


Quest Lab Sends Rank One Medical Your Lab Results for Review


A Physician from Rank One Medical Will Develop and Prescribe a TRT Regimen Tailored to Your Body


Our Physicians Order TRT from a 501 Compounding Pharmacy


The Pharmacy Preps and Ships Your TRT Order to Your Doorstep Within 10 Business Days


Quest Labs Re-Draws Your Labs After 9 Weeks to Review Your Progress


Quest Labs Re-Draws Your Labs Every 4-6 Months for Ongoing Treatment

In addition to our easy 10-step process for TRT, every Rank One Medical patient benefits from our affordable prices and personalized service. After all, every man has a different body, and as such, will need different TRT. Our valued patients also benefit from the following:

  • 24/7 Concierge
  • M.D. Clinicians
  • Free Shipping
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Most Affordable
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Fine Print
  • More

A More Youthful You Awaits at Rank One Medical

Did you know that 13 million men have low T and that 90% of them go untreated by doctors? Living with the harmful side effects of low testosterone is no way to live. If you believe your testosterone levels are unhealthy, it's time to contact Rank One Medical. Living with low testosterone is definitely risky. But with help from our male HRT clinic, you can reclaim your youth and health with TRT in Sallisaw, OK.

Unlike other TRT clinics, our highly-trained team uses a functional approach to male health, which lets us solve the causes of your symptom instead of putting a proverbial band-aid on them. Ready to get started? We're ready to help you every step of the way. Contact Rank One Medical and make a difference in your life today.

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Latest News in Sallisaw, OK

Troubled Sallisaw vets home may be back on track with a new $10.8 million appropriation

The Oklahomanhttps://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/politics/government/2023/05/12/sallisaw-oklahoma-legislature-veterans-home-extra-funding-heads-senate/70207528007/


Lawmakers are close to funding the completion of a 175-bed veterans home in Sallisaw after contractors discovered mistakes in the design process that would have violated fire codes.

Over $10 million likely will be approved in the coming weeks so the facility can be completed.

The Sallisaw Veterans Center has been years in the making. The project was bid in August 2020 after the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs decided to move its eastern Oklahoma veterans home in Talihina an hour and a half north to Sallisaw.

It will be a 215,000-square-foot long-term care home for veterans sitting on 35 acres in the far-eastern Oklahoma city.

Bill to approve funding for corrections heads to the Oklahoma Senate

At some point after construction began, the project's prime contractor discovered errors in the building's design that, combined with delays and increased price of materials, would cost over $21 million to fix. House Bill 2887 appropriates half that amount to Veterans Affairs Department, or $10,863,470. House Appropriations and Budget Committee Vice-Chair Ryan Martinez said this week that the department would need the remaining cash appropriated next year to finish the project.

More:Veterans commission asks Legislature for $21M to complete Sallisaw center

"I think everybody in this body would agree that's something we need to finish at all cost," said Martinez, R-Edmond.

The bill was approved by the House of Representatives on Wednesday and can be voted on by the Oklahoma Senate next week.

Veterans Affairs and Veterans Commission officials have indicated they will pursue legal action against architectural design firm Orcutt Winslow to recoup those funds. The firm's involvement in the project was terminated last year. Orcutt Winslow could not be reached for comment.

Before the design issues arose, the center was expected to cost about $77 million.

When could the Sallisaw Veterans Center be completed?

Nanneeusha Young, Veterans Affairs Department's construction program administrator, said the building is about 50% completed. If the supplemental appropriation is signed into law this month, the Sallisaw Veterans Center could be substantially completed by November 2024, she said.

Delays with the Sallisaw Veterans Center project contributed to scrutiny of the department's former administrator, Joel Kintsel, who was forced out of the job this year during a standoff between him and members of the Oklahoma Veterans Commission appointed by Gov. Kevin Stitt. Kintsel refused to interact with the commission, including answering questions about the situation in Sallisaw, because he said several members were improperly appointed by the governor.

Veterans commission asks Legislature for $21M to complete Sallisaw center

Ben Felderhttps://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/politics/government/2023/03/23/oklahoma-veterans-commission-needs-21-million-for-new-center/70038278007/


The state's veterans commission is asking lawmakers for $21 million in additional funding to complete a new center in eastern Oklahoma, an effort to complete a delayed project that had been stalled by cost overruns and political turmoil within the agency.

Greg Slavonic, interim director of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, recommended the funding request at a commission meeting Wednesday.

The commission voted to ask the state Legislature for $10.8 million in additional funding this year, and another $10.8 million next fiscal year.

“Today, at long last, the Oklahoma Veterans Commission received the necessary information forrequesting the supplemental funding for the Sallisaw Veterans Home,” said Slavonic.

The new center in Sallisaw will replace an older facility in Talahina and was originally estimated to cost $77 million.

Joel Kintsel, the agency's former director, had blamed the builder of the new center for cost overruns and delays. Last month, the agency hired a law firm to investigate the matter.

More:Attorney general says Stitt illegally appointed members to the veterans commission

But Kintsel had refused to meet with commissioners over the last two months, alleging Gov. Kevin Stitt had illegally appointed some of its members.

The commission, which met multiple times without Kintsel, complained that the former director was not providing information about the Sallisaw project in order to consider the cost overruns.

The commission fired Kintsel this month and named Slavonic his interim replacement.

More:Ousted Oklahoma Veterans Affairs director hints at legal action over firing he says was illegal

Rob Allen, the commission's chairman, said Slavonic provided enough information on Wednesday to make the funding request.

“The Commission is grateful to Admiral Slavonic for digging into this distressing situation and providing the information the Commission needs to make this decision. This is a great first step in getting the agency back ontrack," Allen said.

The Sallisaw center is expected to open in October 2024, according to the agency.

Former Oklahoma Sooners star Mark Hutson named new Sallisaw football coach

Bryant Rochehttps://www.swtimes.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/02/15/mark-hutson-hired-sallisaw-football-coach-oklahoma-sooners-star/6797822001/


Sallisaw on Monday announced its new football coach was Mark Hutson, a two-time All-American at Oklahoma who has been a college coaching conference champion, SEC Special Teams Coach of the Year and NFL assistant.

“He is a 32-year coaching veteran, been at different levels of college football, he’s had two stints in the NFL, so he’s going to bring a very large spectrum of different elements of football from different guys that he has worked with over the years.” Sallisaw athletic director Jeff Streun said. “Just his knowledge of the game is going to be beneficial for our school, our community and our kids.”

More:Meet the Southwest Times Record's River Valley high school football team for 2021

More:Fort Smith final high school football rankings following fourth week of postseason

The former all-state Northside Grizzly became a starter for the Sooners as a freshman at left tackle, although later moved to guard. During his college playing career, Oklahoma won the national championship with a 1986 Orange Bowl win over Penn State.

In 1987, Hutson was a part of a wishbone offense that averaged 428.8 yards per game. In that season’s Orange Bowl loss to Miami, Hutson ran for a 29-yard touchdown on a fumblerooski trick play, Oklahoma's longest play from scrimmage that game.

A 1988 third-round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys, Hutson suffered a herniated disc and was waived in June 1989 after spending his entire rookie season on injured reserve.

In 1990-92, Hutson served as a graduate assistant under Gary Gibbs, before coaching tight ends and special teams under Houston Nutt at Murray State, Boise State and Arkansas.

After being an offensive line coach at Tulsa (2000-02), he went to Eastern Illinois (2003-06), where associate head coach and offensive coordinator positions were eventually added to his offensive line job. He took over as interim coach in 2006 when head man Bob Spoo underwent surgery.

At Tulane (2007-11), he served as an offensive line coach and became interim coach after Bob Toledo’s resignation. From there, he went to the Oakland Raiders (2012-14) as the tight ends coach, before a second tour at Eastern Illinois (2015). He coached the likes of Joe Thomas as an assistant offensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns from 2016-18.

After three seasons with Cleveland, Hutson worked under LSU’s Ed Orgeron as an offensive analyst. This includes the 2019 15-0 national championship season that featured Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow.

He recently worked at Tennessee State, where the Tigers went 5-6 in Eddie George’s first year as coach. After the season, he was named the offensive line coach at Grambling, but then left for Sallisaw.

The Black Diamonds have not won a football state championship before or since back-to-back titles from 1980-81.

Former coach Randon Lowe had served at his alma-mater since 2018 until his resignation in December after posting a 1-9 mark this fall. The program went 17-25 in his four seasons and reached the second round of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association playoffs in 2019 and 2020.

You can follow Bryant Roche on Twitter @BRocheSports and you can email him at [email protected]

Oklahoma's Department of Veterans Affairs director a no-show at cost overrun meeting

The Oklahomanhttps://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/2023/02/04/veterans-agency-director-refuses-to-attend-meeting-on-hospital-redesign/69871997007/


The director of Oklahoma's Department of Veterans Affairs refused to attend an emergency meeting Friday to explain how costs for a long-awaited construction project ballooned by millions of dollars.

On the agenda was an emergency request for $22 million to finish building the Sallisaw Veterans Center, now under construction. The center, originally expected to cost about $77 million, had to be redesigned because it didn't meet fire codes.

Director Joel Kintsel claimed in an email to Robert Allen, chair of the Oklahoma Veterans Commission, that the commission itself is illegitimate because it is not a "legally constituted veterans commission."

There has been controversy over whether Gov. Kevin Stitt lawfully made appointments to the commission without input from veterans organizations, including the Oklahoma Military Order of the Purple Heart. Kintsel claims several commission members appointed by the governor were not properly appointed, including Allen.

More:Oklahomans honoring WWII paratroopers by donning same suits, jumping from same airplanes

A lawsuit attempting to revoke the governor's appointment was dismissed in local court last year.

"All we're trying to do is find information, and he doesn't want to participate in that process," Allen said of Kintsel after Friday's meeting. "What you have here is an executive director who doesn't like the commission that has been appointed to oversee him, and so he's just decided to disregard them, to delegitimize them for his own purposes."

He added that the situation is absurd and disappointing.

Construction on the Sallisaw Veterans Center has been delayed by unexpected design changes and permit approvals. An Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs employee told commissioners on Friday that the request for another $22 million, known as a change order, wasn't immediately brought to the commission's attention because Veterans Affairs leadership wanted to seek money from the project's designer.

In Kintsel's absence, agency employees responded to questions about the project and the decision-making that made costly redesign necessary. Commissioners expressed frustration that Kintsel himself wasn't there to respond and took no action. The commission's next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 10.

Possible tornadoes reported Monday in Arkansas River Valley

Robert Medleyhttps://www.swtimes.com/story/news/state/2023/01/02/tornadoes-possible-in-eastern-oklahoma-and-western-arkansas-monday/69770797007/


Tornadic activity was reported in and around the Arkansas River Valley Monday afternoon and night, just two days into the new year.

A storm with rotation near northwest parts of Sallisaw in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma was moving toward the Arkansas state line late Monday night, according to reports. Sallisaw emergency responders did not report any injuries or damage.

Sequoyah County was under a tornado warning at 7:40 p.m. Monday, the National Weather Service reported. A possible tornado was northwest of Sallisaw near McKey. Movement is northeast and headed toward Brushy, Akins, Stoney Point and U.S. 59.

Storms moved into Louisiana and Mississippi by early Tuesday.

In the Fort Smith area Monday night, a tornado watch was in effect for Sebastian County and Sequoyah and Le Flore counties in Oklahoma until 10 p.m. Possible rotation was reported near Pocola.

Earlier in the day, a possible tornado was reported moving northeast near Paris. A tornado watch was issued for much of western and central Arkansas during the afternoon, the National Weather Service reported.

TV reports showed rotation moving from Logan County into Johnson County. A tornado warning was issued for north, central Logan County and western parts of Johnson County, the weather service reported at 2:35 p.m.

Damage from a possible tornado was reported in Jessieville near Hot Springs Village in Garland County.

Earlier in the day Monday, meteorologists reported the area where tornadoes are more likely to occur was in southeast Oklahoma and west central Arkansas Monday afternoon and evening, the weather service reported. Parts of southern Sebastian County including Greenwood are in the area. Temperatures warmed into the 70s Monday.

Joe Sellers, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service Tulsa office, said areas north of Interstate 40 in Arkansas and Oklahoma are not clear of the severe weather risk Monday night. All modes of severe weather were possible, he said.

Sellers said teams of meteorologists were surveying damage in Haskell and Sequoyah counties in eastern Oklahoma Tuesday.

On Friday, Dec. 30, The National Weather Service office in Tulsa reported equipment had failed in Fort Smith, affecting radar, but the repair has been made, Sellers said.

On Monday, the weather service reported the weather spotter network for the region was activated.

Crews from the Little Rock office were sent to survey damage in Jessieville, a meteorologist said Tuesday.

Calmer weather will move in for the rest of the week with mild temperatures and sunny skies, the weather service reports.


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